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Screen doors

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Screen doors


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If you are in a need of screen doors, “Lauresta” offers to choose from three net varieties: flexible screen doors, retractable fly screens or roller fly screens.

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Mosquito nets for doors are extremely effective against insects and allergens

They are suitable for all kinds of outdoor and balcony doors. “Lauresta” offers the following solutions for covering your doors: screen doors, retractable fly screens or roller fly screens.


Mosquito net for doors not only protect from insects, but also allow you to keep your doors open and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. It is a perfect solution for doors that are frequently used. Screen doors can be closed from either side without any hassle.

Retractable fly screens are easy to control and have a low (4-8 mm) threshold. The net itself is easily closed and opened with an easy push of a hand.


Roller fly screens are also perfectly suitable for doors. These nets conveniently roll up into the cassette either on the top or the side of the door. You do not need to remove them before winter – rolling them into the cassette is enough.

Screen doors

The net fabric is stretched within the sturdy aluminium frame, is weather resistant and retains its original form even when often opened. Such screen doors can be installed inside the door recess or on the door frame.

What is more, they are easy to maintain: they can be cleaned with a sponge or dust wipe. Screens of this type are very convenient for terrace doors: if you have your hands full, you will be able to open them with a slight push of a leg.


Retractable fly screen


Retractable fly screens are a modern solution that allows to effectively protect your home from mosquitos, flies, dust and allergens – all while enjoying the fresh air outside. Modern fly screens are grey and thin, making them almost impossible to spot. They do not dim your home and do not obstruct the view outside. Another advantage is their production materials: they are manufactured from weather proof glass fibre that was covered in PVC coating.


“Lauresta” manufactured fly screens are very easy to use – they are easily opened and closed with a slight tug of a hand. When the fly screen is not needed, it can be easily pushed aside and does not take up a lot of space. Had you accidentally derailed the fly screen, it can easily be put back into place without any effort. Additionally, new generated retractable fly screens have special fasteners that protect them from being derailed by strong winds. These types of fly screens have a low threshold (4-8 mm), making it a perfect choice for clients with kids. Click here for more information on retractable fly screens.

Roller fly screen


Roller fly screens are manufactured from a durable and flexible net fabric. Their mechanism is spring-operated, making them easy to expand or roll up into the cassette found at the top, just like traditional roller blinds. However, these roller fly screens will have a rather high threshold, which can create inconveniences if the doors are often opened.



Roller fly screens are exceptional for being very well sealed – thick brushes at the sides of the net prevent even the smallest of insects from getting inside. Furthermore, they do not need to be removed during winter, as they can simply be rolled into the cassette. Click here to read more about roller fly screens.

Contact us for a custom offer by completing an e-form, calling +371 255 56555 or visiting a LAURESTA store closest to you.

5/5 (2 Reviews)



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Quality blinds at reasonable prices. Thank you....

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