Exterior window shades are the most effective facade solution against direct sunlight and heat. Interior will remain cool during the summer months and reduce air conditioning costs. We offer the following types of weatherproof exterior shades: facade rolling blinds, horizontal Sunshield blinds, facade blinds and awnings. You can opt for a manual or automatic control. Some of the advantages of exterior facade blinds is protection against sunlight, rain, wind, noise and discoloration of the interior, as well as reducing the risk of burglary.

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Outdoor Venetian blinds

Facade or exterior blinds prevent the interior from heating up. Control the level of shading.

Outdoor roller blinds

Installed directly on the outer window frame, outdoor blinds effectively heat-proof the house.

Venetian Sunshield blinds

Adjustable interior blinds for large, hard-to-reach glass surfaces.

Fixed aluminium louvers

Exterior aluminum blinds that keep the heat out of the house and add to the decor of any building.