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Outdoor roller blinds


5/5 (2 Reviews)

Price: from 129 €




Outdoor roller blinds are a combination of aesthetics and simplicity, installed on glass facades or outside the windows. Outdoor roller blinds catch direct sunlight beams much more effectively than conventional indoor roller blinds. “Lauresta” clients value these roller blinds for their durability and reliable constructions, functionality and provided privacy.

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Outdoor roller blinds will perfectly protect your windows from sunlight, regardless whether they are on a house, flat or a commercial/industrial type building. It is a very functional solution that ensure the optimal premise temperature. Besides, outdoor roller blinds are installed on the outside of the house and can therefore be a contemporary exterior detail.

These roller blinds have some unique advantages: they are resistant to rain and snow, effectively protect from ultraviolet sun beams. Thanks to these roller blinds, rooms contain warmth much longer in winter, while being cooler in summer. Outdoor roller blinds come in a lot of varieties: from almost completely translucent to completely opaque (for example: Blackout).

Depending on the fabric chosen, closing the roller blinds can either result in a complete blackout or a dimmed room. Dimming fabrics are usually used in offices, conference halls or bedrooms.

Outdoor roller blinds are becoming a frequent choice by customers due to being fit for all types for plastic, wooden and metal windows. They can be fastened right next to the glass, on the wall, on the recess, on the ceiling, in sky-lights, door frames. Outdoor roller blinds are produced from anodized or painted aluminium, which makes them resistant to all weather conditions, allowing them to be used during winter.

Outdoor roller blinds can either be controlled manually or with a more convenient electric mechanism. You can also choose an automatic control function by programming the roller blind raising and lowering.


• Effectively protect rooms from sun and heating;

• Prevents unwanted peeking inside;

• Known for their durability and quality;

• Helps in creating a buildings’ exterior, creates uniqueness;

• Can be automated.


When choosing a fabric for your outdoor roller blind, it is important to pay attention to its’ translucency factor (percentage of visibility through the outdoor roller blind fabric, which depends on the type of threading used, not on its’ colour). The bigger value of translucity factor, the more sunlight can pass through.

The images provided below are for merely visual purposes. Depending on the settings of your monitor and fabric colour, the texture might differ slightly in reality. For this reason, we invite you to visit us at our roller blind and blind stores “Lauresta” to choose an exceptional fabric from the fabric catalogue.

Translucency factor – a percentage of visibility through the outdoor roller blind fabric, which depends on the type of threading used, not on its’ colour. The bigger value of translucity factor, the more sunlight can pass through.

Textile translucency outdoor roller blinds


PVC layer coated polystyrene type fabrics remarkable for their weaving pattern variety and different technical specifications (types: PS Luminous, PS 550, PS350), easily maintained. The colour variety of these fabrics is very wide, therefore outdoor roller blind can be easily adapted to the colour of your house. For their technical fabric specifications these roller blinds can be used for pergolas and ensure their optimal temperatures.

POLYSCREEN 550 fabric translucency factor – 5 %

POLYSCREEN 550 Gold & Silver fabric translucency factor – 5 %

POLYSCREEN 350 fabric translucency factor – 10 %

POLYSCREEN LUMINIOUS fabric translucency factor – 6–11 %

POLYSCREEN 550 COUPAGE fabric translucency factor – 5 %


Blackout group fabrics are completely opaque. They are of thick weaving and high quality with a slightly visible glossiness. They effectively block out excess light and are therefore suitable for rooms that must be blacked out.

Polyscreen 314 Blackout fabric translucency factor – 0 %


Fabrics from this collection are made from glass fibre, covered in PVC. These fabrics have a special diagonal weft which ensures fabrics’ durability. Serge fabrics do not only perfectly protect premises from heating, but are also fire resistant.

SERGE 600 fabric translucency factor – 5 %

SERGE 100 fabric translucency factor – 1 %


Sunworker – smooth polystyrene fabrics, covered in PVC. They are of unique structure that effectively stops sunlight from entering, while ensuring optimal illumination of the room at the same time, allowing for comfort. Other advantages of this fabric – resistance to bleaching, resistant to stretching and easily maintained.

Sunworker fabric translucency factor – 6 %


Soltis fabrics – durable, patented technology PVC coated polystyrene fabrics. Special manufacturing technology ensures fabrics’ stability and protects it from deformations even when installed on very wide areas. The fabric is of even sufrace, making it hard for dirt to penetrate the fabric.

SOLTIS 92 fabric translucency factor – 4 %

SOLTIS 99 fabric translucency factor – 3 %


Elegant fabric, made from high quality inflammable polystyrene. It is rather light (of small weight), which allows it to be used not only in open, but in cassette roller blind systems as well. The most important advantage of this roller blind – acoustic features. Because of its’ structure it absorbs sound effectively. The surface of this fabric is metalised, reflecting sunlight and ensuring a comfortable temperature in the room.

VEROGLIM ACOUSTIC fabric translucency factor – 1 %


• Profiles are produced from a very high quality aluminium;

• Outdoor roller blind mechanism colours can be chosen from RGB colour pallette.

• Maximum width: up to 6 m;

• Maximum height: up to 5 m;

• Parts: aluminium cassette for fabric protection, steel tube, atmosphere resistant fabric, metal control mechanism, plastic control parts, aluminium lower profile, aluminium rails, metal fastening parts;

• Controls: manually (with a handle or a cord), switch or remote control.

• Installation: above the window recess or in the window recess.

The photographs provided only show one each of the many available examples.

If you are interested in outdoor roller blinds, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +371 255 56555 or visit us at a nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (2 Reviews)



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