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Pleated blinds

Child friendly blinds without cords. Can be used to cover a part or the whole window.

Venetian blinds (aluminium)

Classic venetian blinds that are suitable for all types of windows.

Wooden venetian blinds

Produced from light and sturdy Canadian linden. Moist proof and easy to clean.

Vertical blinds

Choose from textile, plastic, wood or cord. Suitable for all window shapes and sizes.

Remote control

Standard remote control with a wireless switch and remote controller.

Weather-based automation

For maximum comfort: smart sun, wind, temperature and rain sensors.

TaHoma – smart home automation

A smart home system for easy smart home device automation.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds from roller blind fabric. Order Roman blind mechanism and get a discount.

Terrace awnings

Great solution for terraces in cafes, restaurants and private homes. Impregnated fabric.

Awnings with a cassette

Awning fabric can be rolled up into a cassette which protects it from dust, rain and leaves.

Balcony awnings

Made for balconies, loggias, can be fitted above windows. Available with or without a cassette.

Outdoor Venetian blinds

Facade or exterior blinds prevent the interior from heating up. Control the level of shading.