Automated pergola is a modern outdoor patio covering solution made of a durable aluminium structure with a retractable roof that offers reliable protection from the sun, wind and rain. It serves as an invaluable addition to your home terrace by dramatically improving your outdoor living area as well as the key feature of hotel, cafe and restaurant outdoor spaces. You can choose between retractable canvas or automated lamellae roof systems as well as several types of pergola walls and patio heaters to ensure a pleasant experience throughout the whole year.

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Retractable pergolas

Automated pergola made of aluminium structures and a retractable waterproof canvas roof.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Roof lamellae can be opened or shut, retracted to the side or tilted to the desired angle.

Pergola side coverings

Pergola glass wall systems, side panels, retractable wind and insect screens for your comfort.

Pergola lights

LED lighting options. Add color and adjust levels of light with remote control.

Infrared heaters

Patio heaters that heat the human body rather than the whole environment.

Pergola automation

Automation solutions and smart sensors to operate pergola roof, windows and roller blinds.