Window blinds are still the most popular solution for reflecting direct sunlight, heat and controlling the amount of light indoors. They also add an elegant look to any interior. Window blinds are durable and simple to use and maintain. You can choose from venetian, aluminum, pleated, vertical or security blinds and have them fitted to any type of windows. Installation possibilities include installing blinds onto recess, outside the recess, between double glass, on the window frame etc.

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Pleated blinds

Child friendly blinds without cords. Can be used to cover a part or the whole window.

Venetian blinds (aluminium)

Classic venetian blinds that are suitable for all types of windows.

Wooden venetian blinds

Produced from light and sturdy Canadian linden. Moist proof and easy to clean.

Security roller blinds

Reflect heat and sound, protect windows from dust and minimise the risk of burglary.

Vertical blinds

Choose from textile, plastic, wood or cord. Suitable for all window shapes and sizes.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds from roller blind fabric. Order Roman blind mechanism and get a discount.

Outdoor Venetian blinds

Facade or exterior blinds prevent the interior from heating up. Control the level of shading.

Venetian Sunshield blinds

Adjustable interior blinds for large, hard-to-reach glass surfaces.

For non standard windows

Venetian, pleated, vertical blinds are considered best for windows with non-standard shapes and s...

Blinds for skylights

Blinds are suitable for all types of skylights (including “Velux”). Easy to operate.

Panel blinds

Designed to cover glass walls or to partition a space. Suitable for offices and apartments.