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Pergola side coverings

Screen žalūzijas ievelkamas pergolas Riga
Ievelkamas pergolas screen žalūzijas atlaide
Ievelkamas pergoles screen darbiba Latvija
Screen ievelkamas pergolas izpardošana
Screen ievelkamas pergolas žalūzijas letak
Bioklimatiskas pergolas stikla sistema darbiba
Bioklimatiskas pergolas stikla sistema lets
Bioklimatiskas pergolas stikla sistema atlaide
Bioklimatiskas pergolas stikla sistema cena
Bioklimatiskas pergolas stikla sistema leta cena
Bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas
Bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas atlaide
Bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas lets
Bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas cena
Bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas laba cena
Atlaide bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas
Darbiba bioklimatiskas pergolas sonu aizslietni arejas screen rullo žalūzijas
Atlaide ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni infrasarkanie silditaji
Darbiba ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni
Ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni lets
Ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni cena
Ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni laba cena
Ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni atlaide
Ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni darbiba
Cena ievelkamas pergolas sanu aizslietni cena
Laba cena bioklimatiskas pergolas
Ievelkamas pergolas Latvija cenas sanu aizslietni
Ievelkamas pergolas terases sanu aizslietni Riga
Plisetas žalūzijas un bioklimatiskas pergolas sanu aizslietni Riga
Bioklimatiskas pergolas atlaides sanu aizslietni
Bioklimatiskas pergolas pagalms arejas žalūzijas atlaide
Maja bioklimatiskas pergolas sanu aizslietni atlaides
Majas bioklimatiskas pergolas apgaismojums sanu aizslietni
Majas bioklimatiskas pergolas terases sanu aizslietni
Pergolas Latvija bioklimatiskas sanu aizslietni
Pergolas maja sanu aizslietni bioklimatiskas
Pergola lauka rullo žalūzijas silditaji
Pagalmas lapene LED gaisma akcija
Bioklimatiskas pergolas LED maja
Biopergolas pagalmas LED atlaide
Terases biopergolas laba cena
Pergolas lauka žalūzijas LED
Bioklimatiskas pergolas arejas žalūzijas
Lauka žalūzijas cena atlaides letak

Pergola side coverings


5/5 (1 Review)

Price: from 999 €




Glass pergolas is a wise choice for those wish to enjoy their pergolas all year long during any weather. Glass systems allow perfect cover for your pergola walls and are used in both individual houses as well as commercial spaces (cafes, restaurants or hotels). To protect yourself from the wind, you can choose the following pergola covering solutions: a modern, vertically openable glass system; horizontally slidable glass system; roller blind coverings; traditional unretractable glass. Pleated mosquito nets will provide perfect protection from unwanted and annoying bugs and insects.

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Pergola side coverings – outdoor roller blinds, transparent coverings, vertical awnings or mosquito nets. They are an effective pergola side covering choice that will protect you from insects, wind or rain.

Glass systems cover pergola walls and allow to enjoy the comfort they provide in both personal and commercial spaces all year long during any weather. Glass pergolas are a great solution against wind and rain without obstructing the view outside.



This pergola glass system is controlled remotely – by a switch or a control remote. Additionally, this pergola glass system can be adapted in both houses and commercial spaces.

It is an automatic, vertically openable pergola glass system, controlled remotely – by a switch or a control remote. This glass systems can be adapted to both houses and commercial spaces: pergolas, terraces, porches, balconies etc. The vertical glass system nicely will fit not only the terrace, but the entire building too.


Glass system features:

  • When opened, the upper pergola glasses lower down, forming a small, transparent fence at the bottom.
  • Have a wide glass and a thin frame, which allows unobstructed view outside. Besides, wide glass (up to 400 cm) does not noisily vibrate during strong winds.
  • Pergola glass automatically rises and lowers very quietly, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Vertically lowering pergola glass, which takes up very little space, allows to efficiently use the pergola space by placing furniture or other items of comfort inside.
  • Number of glasses, their height and colour can be all adapted to clients’ individual desires.


More about vertical glass systems can be found here.


This pergola glass system allows to slide the pergola glasses to any side as you please without any difficulty. This solution is most usable during hot seasons – by sliding the glass to the side, you will allow natural pergola conditioning.


It is a comfortable way to cover your pergola sides. This pergola glass system allows to slide the pergola glasses as you please to either side without any difficulty. This solution is most usable during hot seasons – by sliding the glass to the side, you will allow natural pergola conditioning.


Unframed pergola glass system is very practical and provides elegance for your personal space. Additionally, it is easy to install and control. The system can be adapted to any type of pergola or summerhouse and has certain advantages:

  • Strong and sturdy aluminium profile that can withstand even the strongest of winds;
  • Isolation from rain, wind, cold and unwanted noises.
  • Pergola glasses can be slid onto either side;
  • No vertical frames.


You can choose the best fitting pergola glass opening system for yourself:

  • From one side to the other;
  • From the centre to the sides;

More about unframed glass system can be read here.


This pergola glass system allows you to slide the pergola glasses into the desired pergola side. This is very useful during summertime – it allows you to enjoy a pergola without walls.


It is a simple solution to cover the sides of your pergola or summerhouse. It is easy to install, control and can be easily adapted to any type of pergola or summerhouse.

Framed sliding glass system allows to slide all the glasses into one desired side with easy. It is a great summertime solution, as it allows you to enjoy an open pergola during summertime, while having the ability to close it down when it is colder.

Pergola sliding glass system possibilities

You can choose the sliding pergola glass system that is the most fitting for you. Pergola glass system can be slid either from left to right or from right to left. Additionally, the glasses can also slid from one side to the other or to the centre. More information about sliding glass systems can be found here.


Fixed pergola glasses do not open. Therefore, it is recommended to only glaze one or two pergola walls to avoid the greenhouse effect in your pergola. This pergola side covering option is popular for its’ budget friendliness.

For fixed glazing, “Lauresta” uses a durable tempered or glued (6-10 mm) glass. The glass can be toned grey, bronze or greenish. Besides, the pergola glass can be covered with a dimming film.


Transparent roller blinds for pergolas

Transparent PVC covering protects from wind, does not obstruct the view outside and allows you to comfortably relax in your pergola.


Transparent roller blinds – an alternative to glazing. These roller blinds perfectly cover the sides of pergola and look like a wall. It is an extremely transparent PVC material, which protects you from wind and rain.


Besides, this pergola covering does not allow harmful UV rays from entering the pergola. This high-quality pergola side covering system is suitable for summerhouses of all types: individual houses, cafes, restaurants and hotels.


Outdoor roller blinds for pergolas

The main function of outdoor roller blinds – to protect from rain, snow and harmful UV rays.


Outdoor roller blinds effectively protect any purpose buildings from the sun and ensure optimal room temperature.

These roller blinds can be used to cover pergola sides – they protect from sun, rain and snow.

“Lauresta” has a wide variety of outdoor roller blind fabrics to choose from: from almost completely transparent to completely opaque (Blackout). You can also choose the desired structure. Therefore, these outdoor roller blinds are easily adaptable to pergolas of any sizes and shapes.


Mosquito nets

Main purpose of mosquito nets – to protect you from mosquitoes, flies and other insects. These nets can be easily slid aside and are nearly invisible.


It is a contemporary and effective solution for those who want to protect their home from insects, dust and various allergens without losing access to fresh air. Mosquito nets are suitable for windows of various types and shapes, as well as doors. What is more, they are comfortable, do not obstruct use of pergola windows and doors, and are nearly invisible.


This mosquito net is very easy to use – they open/close with a simple push of a hand to the side. When the net is no longer needed, it can be slid into one side. Besides, mosquito nets do not have high thresholds – their threshold is nearly invisible (up to 4 mm).

This system has no tensioned springs, making it safe for children. If the net is accidentally derailed, it is easily set back into place.


Mosquito nets are manufactured based on pergola technical parameters. They are produced from PVC covered glass fibre which is weather condition resistant. Monolithic aluminium profiles of the net are powder coated and are therefore corrosion proof. The net fabric is very thin and grey in colour, meaning it does not dim the room.

“Lauresta” clients testify that mosquito nets are very functional – they protect not only from insects, but from light rain too.

This mosquito net is a perfect choice for both privately and commercially owned pergolas (hotels, cafes, bars).


Vertical awnings

Pergola awnings – weather proof and effectively protect from wind or the bright evening sunlight.


It is a weather proof vertical roller awning that protects from sun and wind. It is a perfect pergola covering solution.

This covering horizontally rolls up into a compact cassette. For this reason, it is nearly invisible when not used. When the sun goes down in the evening and starts to shine right into ones’ eyes, one can easily and quickly roll it down.

Additionally, it can be of various fabrics, making it easily adaptable to the environment. All pergola fabrics are notable for their durability, dirt and water resistance.

Vertical awnings are mounted to a vertical surface slightly above the ground. Horizontal coverings can be adapted to pergola types.


More about pergola side coverings can be read at www.pergola.lt


If you are interested in pergola side coverings, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +371 255 56555 or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (1 Review)



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