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Automatic barriers

Automatic barriers


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Automatic barriers are a great solution to regulate the number of vehicles in a parking lot. They can be manufactured based on your preferred measurements. “Lauresta” offers only high-quality barriers from reliable manufacturers: BFT, Came. Automatic barriers can be installed in parking lots, protected neighbourhoods, underground garages, industrial areas and other territories. Special sensors and flashing hazard lights can be installed in order to prevent harm by accident.

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Automatic barriers can be controlled manually or automatically. The latter is very popular among “Lauresta” clients.

Automatic barriers are usually installed:

  • in enclosed neighbourhoods;
  • parking lots;
  • underground garages;
  • industrial areas.

An automatic barrier helps to control traffic flow. “Lauresta” offers reliable and long-lasting barriers for commercial and individual needs.

Based on the length of the barrier, its’ operation speed can be either slow, medium or fast. Its’ direction can be adjusted as you please. All barriers offered by “Lauresta” have an integrated emergency handle that helps to raise the barrier in case of a power outage. Furthermore, they are certified in Europe and comply with ISO and CE standards.

“Lauresta” will help you find the best option for your barrier needs depending on the expected intensity of use. Areas with constant traffic flow will require bigger barriers adapted for more frequent use, while parking lots with lesser traffic will do away with an economical, middle-range barrier.

There are the following additional control and safety features available:

  • Photoelectric safety sensors;
  • Safety induction loops;
  • A remote;
  • Keycode locks;
  • GSM control panels;
  • Mechanisms to prevent accidental injuries;
  • Infrared light barriers;
  • Hazard lights;
  • Gear protection systems;
  • Card readers;
  • Hollow core barrier gate.

The barriers we offer are equipped with photovoltaic sensors that react to any obstacle in its’ way by preventing the barrier from closing and causing harm to anyone or anything. These sensors require electric current, therefore, if wiring is not possible in the area in question, you may want to opt for rechargeable battery powered sensors.

Safety induction loops – metal detectors that are installed under the road. The sensors react to a vehicle above it and prevents the barrier from closing while the vehicle is still there.

One of the most popular ways of controlling automatic barriers in Lithuania are phone calls and remotes.  However, “Lauresta” offers other methods of control based on your individual preferences.

If you are interested in automatic barriers, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +371 255 56555 or visit the nearest LAURESTA store.

4.7/5 (3 Reviews)



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