We offer a wide range of roller blinds for any type of windows or interior style. Roller blinds can be installed on both wooden and PVC windows, both the window frame, the wall above the window or on the ceiling. They are also compatible with skylights. Roller blinds not only shield from direct sunlight but also provide a sense of comfort and can form an integral part of interior design. Unlike curtains they do not need to be washed: due to impregnation roller blinds do not stain.

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Roller blinds Day and Night

Functional roller blinds with a double fabric, day and night blinds can be used in place of curta...

Roller blinds for PVC windows

These roller blinds are installed on the window frame and roll up into a cassette.

Standard roller blinds

Roller blinds that are installed on the wall or ceiling. Suitable for large windows.

See-through Screen roller blinds

See through roller blinds that dim direct sunlight, reduce screen reflection and keep the heat out.

See through and reflective roller blinds Glasgard

Glasgard roller blinds effectively reflect light and heat .

Blackout roller blinds

100% light proof roller blinds that darken the room. Appear white or glossy from the outside.

Bamboo roller blinds

Roller blinds produced from bamboo are the best fit for calm and nature inspired interiors.

Outdoor roller blinds

Installed directly on the outer window frame, outdoor blinds effectively heat-proof the house.

Roller blinds for skylights

Skylight roller blinds are suitable for skylights in the attics, upper house floors and offices.

Electric roller blinds

Electric roller blinds can be operated with remote control or a smartphone app for maximum comfort.

For non-standard windows

Non-standard roller blinds suitable for windows for irregular shapes.

Roller blinds for marine windows

Roller blinds made for ships, sailing boats and yachts. We choose the most suitable fabrics.