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Pergola lights

Pergolu apgaismojums terrasa akcijas
Ievelkamas pergolas cena
Ievelkamas pergolas atlaide
ievelkamas pergolas
Ievelkamas pergolas atlaide
Ievelkamas pergolas cena
Ievelkamas pergolas darbiba
Ievelkamas pergolas lets
Atlaide ievelkamas pergolas
Darbiba ievelkamas pergolas
Prestige bioklimatiskas pergolas apgaismojums
Prestige bioklimatiskas pergolas apgaismojums atlaide
Prestige bioklimatiskas pergolas-apgaismojums darbiba
Prestige bioklimatiskas pergolas apgaismojums lets
Bioklimatiskas pergola apgaismojums akcijas
Majas bioklimatiskas pergolas apgaismojums sanu aizslietni
Pagalmas lapene LED gaisma akcija
Bioklimatiskas pergolas LED maja
Silditaji bioklimatiskas pergolas lets
Lauka žalūzijas cena atlaides letak
Bioklimatiskas pergolas arejas žalūzijas
LED apgaismojums ievelkama pergola atlaides
Ievelkamas pergolas akcijas LED apgaismojums
Izpardošana terases pergola apgaismojums lets
Laba cena ievelkamas pergolas majas pagalma

Pergola lights


5/5 (2 Reviews)

Price: from 127 €




Pergola roofs offered by “Lauresta” can have LED lightning installed. You can choose from several different types of LED lightning, which will not only effectively illuminate the pergola, but provide a sense of comfort and exceptional elegance. A possibility of remote control is also available. LED illumination provides enough light even when it is completely dark outside. Some models can have a light dimmer installed, which will allow you to control the side RGB LED light colour and intensity to match your mood.

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“Lauresta” offers modern, high quality pergola lights

that not only effectively illuminate pergolas, but provide a sense of cosiness too. You can choose from several types of LED lights – LED diode stripe, which is installed on pergola structure sides, or LED elements that are installed in roof lamellas or in the ceiling.

Illumination can be controlled with a remote or a light dimmer, which controls not only light intensity, but colour as well. Unfortunately, this type of illumination cannot be adapted to all types of pergola models.

If you are interested in pergola illumination, contact us and get an offer. Fill out an e-form, call us at +371 255 56555 or visit us at the nearest LAURESTA store.

5/5 (2 Reviews)



Заказывала сетку от насекомых в этой компании. К качеству претензий нет, но срок изготовления мог ...

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R. Kanders

"Lauresta" service is performed qualitatively and in accordance with the terms of the contract. We have concluded that the quality of Lauresta's services can be relied on and reco...

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I have this company's roller blinds already 4 years. Looks like new...

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Quality blinds at reasonable prices. Thank you....

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